About Us

Shamsul Ulama Memorial Charitable Trust (SMIC)

The Islamic complex was earlier functioning under Shamsul Ulama Memorial Islamic Council formed in 2006 and registered as per the society Act in 2010. In order to expand the activities of the complex a Trust known as Shamsul Ulama Memorial Islamic Charitable Trust was formed and got registered in 2014 which took over the functioning of the council. The Trust chaired by Sayyid Abbasd Ali Shihab Thangal, includes kunhani musliyar, Usthad Abdul Gafoor Darimi, PA Jabbar Haji and P.K Kunhalikutty Shahib as life time trustees, 18 other nominee trustees, Mahallu coordination representatives from the surroundings 100 Mahallaths and prominent persons from different districts of the state. A twenty four member director board, under various subcommittees oversees the academic, economic, infrastructural activities and those relating to Ratheeb, provision of food etc. of the Islamic complex.